Ignition How to Play Ignition

Let’s cover everything you need to know to play Ignition - the Sorare Academy’s free to play game!

We’ve designed it with the same core rules as the main Sorare game (called SO5), so it will be easier to jump across to that when you are ready. However, we’ve also made a number of changes to make life easier for new players.

  • Sorare tournaments are usually played with a squad of five, although it is likely 11-a-side versions will appear in future.

  • In Ignition, you can pick players from the 5 main European Leagues (English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A and the Bundesliga). There are plenty to choose from, however, you will notice that not all clubs and players are available yet.

  • This is because all Sorare cards are officially licensed by the clubs. Sorare are bringing new clubs on board every single month and over time more and more players will become available.

  • Your team must have:

    • 1 Goalkeeper
    • 1 Defender
    • 1 Midfielder
    • 1 Forward
    • 1 “Flex” which can be an additional Defender, Midfielder or Forward.
  • Once you have a team you are happy with, select your captain. Pick wisely as your Captain will get 20% more points!

  • Ignition always takes place at the same time as the Sorare weekend tournament - any players from the big 5 leagues with a game between Friday and Tuesday will be available for selection.

Quick Start Guide to Player Selection.

Your players' real life performance during games determines their score on Sorare. Later in this series we will give a full explanation of the scoring system and how to master it. For now though, let’s focus on getting started and having fun as soon as possible!

We’ve simplified player selection down to the main factors that influence success. When picking your team, try to select players in each position with the following traits:

PositionDesirable Traits
GoalkeepersKeep clean sheets
DefendersKeep clean sheets, score goals and/or assist
MidfieldersScore goals and/or assist
ForwardsScore goals and/or assist

The scoring system can look quite complicated but it really does boil down to these basics.

PRO TIP: In addition to the above, be aware that the scoring system will also give bonus points for the players overall contribution to the game beyond just clean sheets, goals and assists.

So, if you can find players who do all the above yet also tend to see a lot of the ball, make a lot of accurate passes, create big chances, gets shots on target, or make a defensive nuisance of themselves with blocks, tackles and interceptions and duels, you’ll likely get an edge.

Think of how much influence Messi has on the overall game in addition to his creativity and goal threat - that’s the sort of thing we are looking for.

With that, you know enough to build your first line up and enter Ignition! It’s completely free and if you do well you can win some Sorare cards to start your collection.

Adam @ Football Trader ⚽️

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